Precision CNC Machining and 
Build-to-Print Services.

We expertly handle complex and high-precision components across various industries, using state-of-the-art equipment to deliver superior quality products. Our capabilities include 5-axis machining, rapid prototyping, and small to medium batch production, ensuring innovative solutions for every client.

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 Möbius Manufacturing will offer state-of-the-art CNC machining services, capable of handling a diverse array of materials and complex machining tasks. Our facility plans to be equipped with an advanced 5-axis machining center that allows for a maximum part size of Ø850×H450 mm (Ø33.46×H17.71 inches), enabling precision machining of large-scale components.


We strive to innovate manufacturing processes for greater environmental responsibility by ensuring inputs are responsibly sourced, minimizing waste across all operations, and meticulously tracking our carbon footprint. Our goal is to be an example of cleaner manufacturing practices while providing customers with valuable insights into the environmental impact of their parts.

 At Möbius Manufacturing, we go beyond just machining to offer specialized consulting services that transform your manufacturing processes. Our consulting is designed to make your operations more efficient, your production quality higher, and your market adaptability stronger.

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Our industry-leading expertise will reduce manufacturing costs, enhance production quality, and strengthen market adaptability. Contact us for a quote and a free consultation.